The Earth.
The Sun.
The Atmosphere.
Grand Canyon (and other canyons') rock formations.

If this was Jeopardy, the question would be, "What are things that contain layers?"

Why is water in the list? To name a few things, temperature, currents and salinity changes all affect the "layers" in water.

Why is paint in the list? Actually, it may be more correct to say "coats" of paint instead of "layers" but work with me here. The best final product when painting (cars, rooms, nails, etc.) comes from multiple coats - oft including a primer coat.

And this is the ubershort list of things that contain layers.

It should be thoroughly understood that we should also prepare ourselves so that observers see a veritable cornucopia of layers.

Allow me to explain.

Layering clothes in the winter is an understood procedure - mainly to those that live in northern climes. Multi-Layers allow someone to add and subtract layers at will to regulate their body temperature (in and out of doors) and even different types of fabric (wool, cotton, polyester, etc.) provide different breatheability and insulatory effects.

Please, allow me to propose an additional personal-care procedure that would be best suited for layering.

Fragrance and Hair Products

The fragrance breakdown is as follows - in suggested order of relayering:

  1. Pheromones. Showering or bathing daily to take your body back to the basics of natural pheromones. You have a natural scent.  Your potential mate needs to experience that scent.  Don't just work, work it!
  2. Shower gel or other fragrant cleanser. Generally these will leave a lighter after-scent. You don't want it to be too overpowering as there is more olfactory excitement to come.
  3. Deodorant. Goes without saying but it doesn't have to go all over. Just the key spots please.
  4. Moisturizer. Body, hand, face. Different products for different reasons, different places on the body and different skin-types as some skin is more susceptable to the effects of aging.
  5. Cologne / Perfume. The icing on the cake. The piece-de-resistance. The deal closer. The signature on the dotted line. The stamp on the letter. You can't mail the package without the stamp, thus you can't present yourself without the fragrant postage. Find the one(s) that work for you. Everyone's body chemistry is different and that is why it is vital to try some on and see what compliments you receive. Once you find one that works, don't hesitate every now and then to pass through the fragrance section at the department store to see whats new or what you haven't tried yet. A good place to begin is simply to see what fragrance you favor and then try it on and see what happens.

In this instance it is not necessary that you put all of these all over your body as the final effect will be received in an invisible fashion - but detected nostrilly. If you don't use all of the products from the same line, chose some whose fragrance work with your chemistry and some whose fragrances are complimentary to each other. Think "warm" or "cool" or "clean" or "woodsy" to start.

The need for layering fragrances from the bottom up (no pun intended) is to gradually create a scent-field that will last most of the day - maybe with a spritz of cologne / perfume for a refresher later in the day. Depending on many factors such as heat, cold, humidity, clothes worn, hugging or interaction with others, it can affect the length of time your positive aromatic vibes will stay present. In the same way of creating a foundation for a new piece of residential or commercial construction, you need to follow this procedure for long-lasting positive aroma.

Hair product

In much the same way as fragrance, hair product(s) must be planned and applied for the best of good hair days.

  1. Shampoo.
  2. Conditioner.
  3. Hair masks. (What?!)
  4. Gels.
  5. Waxes.
  6. Thickeners.
  7. After-highlight or color treatment. I don't have my hair highlighted, but for processed hair, a leave-in conditioner or a special second conditioner to use in the shower is sometimes needed to tame the frizzies and flyaways.
  8. Shine enhancers.

Some will be used in cleaning and conditioning the hair and scalp - spend time with a nice scalp massage to keep your noggin healthy. Some will be used during blow-drying. Some will be used prior to blow-drying. Some will be used as a finishing treatment for the final desired effect. Similar to a fragrance touch-up late in the day, some can be used to touch up the hair for happy hour or a visit to the opera. Follow appropriate instructions on the container.

Either way, know that they all offer a different benefit to the health of your hair. And as you can see - by starting at the root (no pun intended... again...) of the matter, each product is used in succession and in layers such that the addition of each new variable into the hair equation brings your coif to street-worthy presentation.

Clothes, fragrance, hair. The success of the final product is in the planning and process. Get your routine in order today.


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