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Amarillo and the Cadillac Ranch

Nora Lisa, Tim and Jeremy Hovan
Lana Barnett 10.JUL.09

(This is a road trip chronicled by Lana Barnett. Each day will feature a different portion of the trip and will then be posted into each community under Stories of the Road.)

It’s getting late now, so we turn around and head back to Amarillo, we want to stop by the Cadillac Ranch. We are two of the estimated 300,000 each year that walk across the pasture to see the half buried cars. One of the most interesting things about the popular tourist site is the really neat people standing out in the middle of that pasture with you. Three of the ones we met were; Nora Lisa Chapa and her son Tim Holman (From the Dallas-Ft. Worth area), and their traveling companion, Jeremy Hovan from Tallahassee, FL. Nora Lisa and Tim were on vacation. The next stops after the Cadillac Ranch were going to be; Denver to do some white river rafting, then to the UFO Festival in Roswell held this year From July 1-6. From there they planned to head on over to Carlsbad to do some spelunking.

The traveling buddy, Jeremy, was moving to Los Angeles. He is a personal trainer by trade but hopes to break into the movie business. They were all great people and we really enjoyed our visit. And of course we wish them all well. We sincerely hope that Nora Lisa and Tim have a great vacation and that we see Jeremy on the big screen some day.

Our day on Route 66 is finished and we head home. The day has been fun. We have met some really great people, and reminisced about the old road. US 66 was officially removed from the United States Highway System on June 27, 1985 after it was decided the route was no longer relevant and had been replaced by the Interstate Highway System. In ways, it marked the end of an era. A time when things moved a bit slower and people were a little friendlier. It was a time when as you traveled down the highway you passed through each town. And each one was unique. You could see the rattlesnakes, feed the bear or sleep at a tourist court in the shape of a teepee. Now you pass by on the interstate and not even know the towns are there.

In recent years there has been a resurgence of interest in the old highway. There are Route 66 Associations all over the world. If someone from Germany, or Japan or England thinks it is an awe-inspiring destination, then we, in the Panhandle, need to do all we can to help maintain that spirit.

Get out, travel the road, and patronize the businesses trying to keep it alive.

We will be headed back out to Route 66 soon, this time we’ll see what points east have to offer, what unique adventure awaits us, and what great people are waiting to be met.

Welcome to Swingtown!
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