Pick An Issue, Any Issue

“It is better only sometimes to be right
than at all times wrong.”
–Abraham Lincoln

Let’s leave the emotionality of health care for a bit.

There’s a realistic and logical counter to any issue’s emotional side.

What are other issues are constantly under assault by those trying to usurp our rights?

Job Creation.

THE EMOTION:  Government help us!  People need to work!  People need to provide for themselves and their families!  We need you to pass a jobs bill to create more jobs for those that are out of work!

THE REALITY, LOGIC AND TRUTH:  If government would get out of the way, reduce taxes and allow US to use our talents and god-given abilities, we could thrive and create our OWN jobs without waiting on an ineffective government bill or program to take effect.  Bill Clinton took all the credit for the prosperity of the 90’s, but anyone with even a shred of common sense knows that investing takes years to pay off.  In fact, it was the tax cuts of the 80’s that set our populace up for the prosperity that was to follow even 6-8 short years later.  You want to create jobs?  Get out of our way.

Gun Ownership.

THE EMOTION:  If guns are used by criminals to kill someone, then no one should be allowed to own a gun.

THE REALITY, LOGIC AND TRUTH:  Even if guns didn’t exist, people would still murder with bows and arrows, knives, clubs, rope, or whatever they could get their hands on.  They did it before guns, and they would do it after guns were eradicated.  People who don’t abide by laws certainly aren’t going to give a damn if the gun they own is now banned, they will still use it to exercise power and control over others.  Yes, a world with no guns and wars would be great, yet this completely unrealistic, immature and juvenile view of the world in which we live is held by those that want to ban guns.

Global Warming.

“No man has a good enough memory
to be a successful liar.”
–Abraham Lincoln

 THE EMOTION:  We’re going to burn up in a firey ball of hell!  The sea levels will rise and our glaciers will melt and we have no faith in anything other than ourselves so it stands to reason that we will freak out and try to subjugate everyone else to our emotional terror!

THE REALITY, LOGIC AND TRUTH:  The speeches were lies.  The reports were fabricated.  The emails were hidden.  The speeches, the movies, the everything was conceived and perpetrated to obfuscate the truth.  You good and honest hard-working people knew this, you just didn’t know when, where and how you could put your finger on it.  And Al Gore stands (or perhaps stood is more accurate now that the lies have been made evident?) to reap a billion dollars from his green crusade.  Follow the money.  Something stinks.  And when something stinks it’s rotten and dying.  All the emotion in the world can’t revive the dead.  The truth will set us free.

What emotional issue is next?


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