The Liberal Lion

Nearly all men can stand adversity,
but if you want to test a man's character,
give him power.
-Abraham Lincoln

 So, health care.

Ted Kennedy staked all of his inherited “American Camelot” tents right on the firing line of public health care.


Because he had nothing ELSE on which to stake his tents.

The living in the shadow of two popular, populist and charismatic brothers, the death he caused of Mary Jo Kopechne, the failed presidential campaign, the ability to live off of his family name.

None of that would take him where he wanted to go, nay, where he felt he DESERVED to go.

And upon his death, we had to endure endless hours of newscasters in the Lamestream Media trying to recreate this so-called “amazing” life from nothing of substance.

Sure, nothing is accomplished without passion.  Story of my life.

But becoming Socialized Health Care’s “Champion” is all he had to cling to when all else failed.

And as we can see by our citizenry’s most recent rejection of the socialization attempt of America, the tents that Ted Kennedy staked so passionately were indeed directly on top of a pit of quicksand.

Ted Kennedy, like most of the politicians who create and enact policy on what they think is best for the people, never created a single job in the real world.  Ted Kennedy was a "kept man."  He never had to get his hands dirty in the real world, other than to cover up a murder perhaps.  Ted Kennedy never had to do the real things that real people have to do to really make it, and people like him sit up high looking down on those he only had to endure while he pursued policies that damage liberty and the RIGHT to work hard and succeed on your own merits, not by taking from those who have worked hard to achieve something and given it away to someone else.  There's no quicker way to destroy someone's self-worth and self-esteem than to get a handout from the government.

He had to have something that he could use to replace the stigma of killing Mary Jo and to possibly rebuild his credibility in the public eye.

He had to have something that would replace the first top-of-mind term of “murder” with perhaps “health care” when you heard or were presented with his name.

And here’s the cold hard truth:

If YOU are able to keep more of what YOU EARN by trading the limited and precious hours in your life for a wage, whatever that wage may be, you can put more of what YOU EARN towards making your OWN decisions and purchases of health care and disability insurance.  As opposed to waiting for and being dependent upon an organization that knows better how to produce waste and strip the value of a dollar quicker and more efficiently than any other entity on the planet:  the Federal Government.

But Jeremy, don’t you want everyone to have health care??  Isn’t it their right as a human being?!

Then, I ask you this:  what would you do if NO health care and NO government existed on which you could depend?

Even those that are at the lower income strata could purchase what they need if allowed to keep more of their own money and the price of practicing medicine would be kept down if trial lawyers didn’t affect it so greatly due to ridiculous malpractice and / or frivolous suits.

Even those who derive their income from nothing but welfare, panhandling, begging, churches / synagogues / mosques, other charitable organizations, those that basically have nothing are still able to be treated (as and where required by law) at virtually any Emergency Room.  Because those that have nothing in America, STILL have more than the poorest in most other nations.

Yes, I get the fact that when money and profit is injected (pun intended) into health care it can lead to pushing pharmaceuticals on those that don’t really need it and it can take the focus off of helping people get better and leaving them in the vicious cycle of never getting well and constantly paying for some sort of health treatment.

But even then, it’s not all about pharmaceuticals.  New technologies are derived that aid in the treatment of diseases and such, hospitals have to cover their losses when treating those who have no insurance and pharmaceutical companies have to reinvest profits into researching new treatments and cures. 

Let’s not even open the can of worms about how most health care in America treats the symptom and not the root cause of the problem.  That’s another blog post entirely.

But a pox on pharmaceuticals when they PUSH and market drugs directly to the masses to get into their heads thus making them think that they NEED and have to ask their doctor for a pill versus letting the doctor prescribe it only if necessary. 

There’s the rub when attempting to separate greed from profit.

We can only hope that these companies will keep ethical individuals in charge.

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