So, who’s going to be the one that puts the Suicide King on the “House of Cards,” known as United States of America Health Care, that then causes it to collapse?
Will it be a senator?
Will it be a state representative?
Will it be the insurance companies?
Or will it be us – individually yet collectively?
There is no way that ANY entity, governmental or private, can compensate / accommodate for lack of personal responsibility when it comes to eating, exercising properly and reducing stress in our lives and the resulting strain that is then put on health care providers by chronic health problems that would “cure” themselves if they were addressed properly.
If the people of this nation would take care of themselves properly, then that would leave the health care system to treat those that REALLY DO have health problems.  Leukemia, cerebral palsy, autism, etc.  If people who didn’t need constant care from some chronic ailment to which they subjected themselves, then they could be removed from the system and the true cost of health care would then be realized without all of the excess clogging up the system.
Insurance providers are tied in with doctors who are tied in with Medicare and Medicaid and when money is so rife in the system, why would any of these groups have any desire to lose money?
Granted, those with the purest intentions are most likely doctors who purposely chose and followed a path to help people with their health needs but self-preservation is a powerful thing and when they are also trying to pay bills from medical school, keep the doors to their practice open as well as put food on the table, well, given the current place to which our health and health care system has gone, they still need to get people in and out the door to keep the lights on.
Insurance companies are in business to make money.  Don’t be so naïve to think that they shouldn’t put some sort of limits on pre-existing conditions because their actuaries have told them that this is what they need to do numbers-wise to stay profitable and viable.  If I’ve specifically purchased health insurance from a provider, and I get the lowest rates because I am in great physical shape (which I have, and I do), then why should I be subject to the meddling of government officials who have never done or accomplished a damn thing in private business and don’t have a clue about how their stupidity and lack of knowledge is going to force my rates upward to compensate (yet again) for those who lack personal responsibility?
Yes, getting a claim or application kicked out due to a pre-existing condition sucks, but again, if all of the excess in the system wasn’t there, then the prices would self-correct and this would (should…) include the lowering of prices for health care treatments, surgeries, anesthesia, x-rays, MRI’s, hospital stays, etc.
Government health care is yet another card on this unstable house as well as a band-aid on the broken leg of our health and wellness in this nation.
How high will we build this card-house before it collapses under its own weight of political stupidity and the public's complete departure from personal responsibility?
We need to remove stress from our lives.  It is a poison that can create or amplify health issues / problems.
We need to eat properly – at least as well as we can afford to.
Food manufacturers need to take responsibility for their products and create more offerings that are void of chemicals and poisonous artificial sweeteners, etc.  And here’s a tip:  when they realize that you’re going to stop spending money on crap food, they’re going to begin providing more of the products that they know people will buy and if that is a healthy alternative to something they produced prior but have had to do away with due to popular demand for something better / healthier, then they will change their status quo with what they produce.
Government officials and politicians need to stay out of the way and stop enabling those that don’t want to take responsibility.  You can only take your so-called “safety net” so far before the net will assuredly break.
Even family counselors will step in and tell parents and family members to stop enabling those family members who are destroying themselves somehow with drugs, alcohol or the like.
We’ve been living like (or at least eating from the bountiful and prosperous table of) kings with no self-restraint and thus enabling our own suicide and we don’t even know it.
It’s time to push back from the plate and take a good hard look at who’s really to blame for the health care "crisis" and make honest adjustments with what we can individually to thus correct it collectively.

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