"While some fathers murder their kids, abuse them, or simply neglect them every way they can, here is one dad who never gave up on his son. And one son who, notwithstanding his physical condition, remained steadfast for his dad." - YouTube comment

The world would tell you to cast aside the lesser ones.

If God can indeed use all things for good, this is yet another example proving that to be true.

Sorry, world.  You lose again.

Rick's condition saved Dick's life - literally - by resurrecting his health through all of the challenges brought on by the physical exertion required of him to get into better shape when racing with his son.

"Our message is, yes you can. You can do anything you want to do, as long as you make up your mind, you can do it." -Dick Hoyt


"If you have ever searched for the meaning of life, stop. The answer lies right here."


"As long as we're still having fun, we're enjoying it and we're healthy we're going to continue doing it." -Dick Hoyt


Together they run.
Together they compete in marathons.
Together they compete in triathlons.
Together they trekked 3,770 miles across America.

Rick couldn't compete without his dad.
Dick wouldn't compete without his son.

Together they run.
Together has power.

Don't run alone.


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