Welcome to The War.

"What war?" you ask.
The War of Art and personal creativity.

You may not have chosen it, but like it or not, it has chosen you.

If you're creative and you know it, clap your hands. (This means you, so get to clapping) And stomp your feet. And punch the wall. And go to a hilltop somewhere and let loose a primal yell that awakens those who have long gone before who know your battle. And shed your creative tears when you know that resistance has kept you down for days.

Or weeks.
Or months.
Or, in my case, decades.

And then say, "NO MORE. FCK YOU, resistance."

And then write, sing, act, play, paint, photograph, draw, garden, chop wood, grow a beard, bird watch, put on makeup (not fakeup), bake cookies, and pin to pinterest, all the way to finding you.

That's what people want. You. People are waiting on you to be you. YOU OWE US, yourself. Not some bullshit carbon copy that people think Hollywood wants. Not some cockamamie, pop-culture, here-today-gone-tomorrow, fake-dakery. Because even Hollywood doesn't know what it wants until it gets punched in the face with it.

If you go to the grave without giving us yourself, we all lose.

So, own it.

And then people will buy you and will own your art because they're living vicariously through someone who is doing creativity like they really want to be doing they just don't know what they can't put their finger on yet. And then you'll exist in this place where maybe, just maybe, everything seems too easy because you're finally doing what you were born to do when all along you felt that if it didn't FEEL DIFFICULT, that you weren't doing the right thing.

Because with struggle comes change right? With challenge comes change right? Yeah, life has that. But when you're flowing from who you are into who you are it's like an unobstructed river. Like a dam has burst. Like a champagne bottle has been uncaged and uncorked and honey, there ain't NO WAY to put all that champagne back in THAT bottle.

Some ends up on clothes.
Some on the floor.
Some is drunk.
Some evaporates into micro-particles that then violate someone else's lungs and airspace and they don't even know what's hit them because hey, they don't even drink.

But then, from these dream-seeking-living-inspiring micro-particles, they become intoxicated on the possibilities that exist for THEIR lives by seeing YOUR life take flight. And then, they want that.

And what if every person on the planet, in an instant, immediately switched from doing what they HAVE to do according to the existing framework of what they NEED to do to survive and started living in a new paradigm of creativity whereby they were compensated for doing what they love and do best?

Wars would stop.
Famines would end.
And creativity would reign supreme.

This is why resources (read: finances, time or whatever will pave the way) SHOULD flow towards those who awaken that in ourselves.

So pick up the pieces from your past life and experiences, rather, let them lie there as a Hansel and Gretel-ish trail that, unlike H&G, you DON'T intend to follow backwards to the safety of your comfort zone.

And move forward to freedom in the new space you now occupy... all while putting a few bucks in the hat for the street musician.

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