“A wise man will make more opportunities than he finds”
       -Sir Francis Bacon

Est. 1976 -

Actor, Writer, Editor, Host, Crooner, Designer, Personality, Mixologist, Linguist, Content Creator, Creative Juggernaut, Non-Celebrity Personal Trainer aka Underpaid Psychiatrist, Fitness Comedian, Word Merger,
Vintage Soul, Guitar Harmonizer, Comedic Improviser, Voice Finder,
Music Theorist, Miracle Lyricist, Strongday Have-er, Brand Builder, 
Social Mediator, #HashtagEstablisher, Trademark Policer, Attorney Retain-er, Catchphrase Conjurer, Slogan Developer, Strength Advocator,
Search Engine Optimizer, Exercise Instructor, Thigh Shrinker, Life Changer,
Politician Abhorrer, Flower Deliverer, Award Engraver, Feline Hydrator,
Fridge Magnet Philosophizer, Bourbon Bottler, Scotch Savorer, Protein Proactivist, Pun Purveyor, Description Artist,  Shorty Award Seeker, Product Innovator, Allegory Enjoyer, Alchemist Evangelist, Beach Cruiser, Brown Bagger, Tour Manager, Kinesio-Theorist, Fitness Face Puncher, Reluctant Runner, Stair Climbinator, Amateur Mechanic, Coffee Collaborator, Fear Rejector, Altar of Public Opinion Layer, Consistent Persister, Task Juggler, Logo Stylizer, Font Snobographer, Indomitable Abdominator,
Blood Donor, Plasma Seller, Dot Connector, Line Holder, Push Through-er, Tent Staker, Pressure Withstander, Alliterative Alleviator, Oath Keeper, 
Father, Son, Brother, Roommate and Friend.

I didn't know what to become, so I became everything. #noapologies

Everything in the list is true. If we are indeed the sum of our parts, I have been or done, and consequently still am, all of these things. #truestory

If I left anything out, I'll add it later. #workinprogress



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